Hitachi's 8,000,000:1 dark room contrast display
Hitachi's 8,000,000:1 dark room contrast display
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Hitachi Ltd. has developed a 47-inch display that boasts an enhanced dark room contrast ratio of 8,000,000:1.

The display was realized through the adoption of Hitachi's "hybrid monitor technology," which combines an LCD panel and an LCD projector, the company said. Although saying the display hasn't been scheduled for volume production, "We can commercialize it anytime if there is demand from consumers," Hitachi said.

The hybrid monitor technology uses a projector as a backlight system of an LCD panel. Hitachi explained the 8,000,000:1 contrast was achieved through the multiplication of the LCD panel's and projector's contrast ratios. The display renders better gradation in dark scenes since both the LCD panel and the projector control gradation, according to Hitachi.

"We can't reveal the thickness of the display as it is only a prototype, but we can reduce the thickness to around 30 cm" using the short focal-length projector technology it announced on the same day.

The LCD panel is a so-called full HD model with a 1980 x 1080 resolution. A VA (vertically-aligned) LCD panel is used. The resolution of the LCD panel used as the projector is 1280 x 720. The panel surface luminance is 700 cd/m2 when displaying white.

Hybrid monitor technology also enables 3D display

Hitachi has also developed a 3D display combining the abovementioned hybrid monitor technology and a three-dimensional (3D) image rendering technology, DFD (depth-fused 3D), in collaboration with NTT IT Corp. DFD is a 3D display technology developed by NTT Cyber Space Laboratories. The technology enables 3D expression by displaying two layered images with different brightness.

Compared with 3D images that control parallax barriers, "Viewers can enjoy less-stressful, natural 3D images for a longer time," according to Hitachi. Targeted are amusement applications such as videogame monitors.

Hitachi plans to present these two kinds of displays at CEATEC Japan 2007.