Sony Corp. has decided a large reduction of its capital investment in semiconductor businesses for FY2007 through FY2009. Although refraining from specifying details, a Sony PR spokesperson said the company will "sharply cut" the capital investment, compared to the ¥460 billion it spent on its semiconductor businesses during these three years from FY2004 to FY2006. Of the ¥460 billion investment through the end of 2006, capital spent for the "Cell" accounted for around ¥200 billion. Among semiconductor businesses, Sony will focus its capital on image sensors including CCD and CMOS sensors as well as game and SoC fields through FY2009, while advancing choice and integration of its semiconductor businesses.

Considering investment efficiency among other factors, Sony said, "If we are alone, we will hold up on the volume production" of 45-nm node products. The company seems to consider sharing or contacting out the volume production. Sony will, however, continue research and development of the 45-nm node product in house. The company expects to start mass-producing the 45-nm node Cell in the second half of FY2008 or early FY2009.