YouTube, Inc., a company that runs the "YouTube" video clipboard website, made a reply on December 15, 2006 (US time) to the request concerning copyright protection measures made by a group of 23 image copyright-related organizations. The answer was sent by international courier service and facsimile from Chad Hurley, CEO and Steve Chen, CTO of YouTube, in their joint names to Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) that is chairing the alliance.

In response to the interim preventive measures specified by JASRAC and others, the company replied: "YouTube is willing to post notes on copyright protection in Japanese," "YouTube will try to improve the user authentication process, as we are presently asking the users for certain information" and "YouTube have thus far deleted accounts of users who have repeatedly violated the terms of use including the rules against copyright infringement," Then, YouTube added; "We'd like to send executives to Japan to talk about the operations there, but we need some more time to arrange the schedule because the company is run by a small staff."

A total of 23 organizations including JASRAC, TV stations and others will hold a meeting on December 22, 2006 to review the answer and discuss further actions.