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NTT DoCoMo, Inc. demonstrated a new framework for purchasing content for a car navigation system by using a mobile phone equipped with the "FeliCa" contactless smartcard function at the "PDA/Mobile Solution Fair 2005" held in Tokyo on September 2, 2005. To realize "superdistribution" in which content and a license are separately distributed, a FeliCa-equipped mobile phone was adopted for the demonstration. The prototype is a joint development by NTT DoCoMo and Alpine Electronics Inc.

The demonstrated framework includes four components: a pre-distributed DVD with stored content such as maps and music; a car navigation system installed with software that enables the content stored in the DVD based on the purchased license; a FeliCa reader/writer connected to the car navigation system; and a FeliCa-equipped mobile phone. To purchase content, users perform the following steps: First, the user downloads the content license to the mobile phone by utilizing the "i-appli" download service and purchases the license; next, the license is transmitted from the mobile phone to the FeliCa reader/writer; then, the content stored in the DVD becomes available in the car navigation system. A demonstrator from NTT DoCoMo said that "commercialization is not scheduled."

Tomohisa Takei, Nikkei Electronics