SED panel with boosted contrast ratio
SED panel with boosted contrast ratio
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At the Display 2005 event held in Tokyo on April 20, 2005, SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) Inc., a joint venture formed by Canon Inc. and Toshiba Corp., unveiled a SED panel with full On/Off contrast ratio boosted to approximately 100,000:1. The company's first SED panel revealed at CEATEC JAPAN 2004 only achieved a contrast ratio of 8,600:1.

The key factor behind the sharp rise in contrast ratio is a broad reduction in black luminance. Black luminance has been reduced to 0.003 cd/m2, from the previous prototypes' 0.04 cd/m2. "We have achieved the sharp cut in black luminance by improving the electron-emitting source property," said a Toshiba spokesperson. Many display engineers have been interested in SED panels, appraising them as "capable of showing a completely different 'black' compared to conventional displays." The SED panel seems to have marked even higher specifications in "black" display capability.

Canon and Toshiba have also succeeded in boosting peak luminance that they had previously described as an issue in mass-producing the 400 cd/m2 model.

Takuya Otani, Nikkei Electronics