Watch co-developed by Seiko Watch and Seiko Epson
Watch co-developed by Seiko Watch and Seiko Epson
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Seiko Watch Corp and Seiko Epson Corp have developed a wristwatch using an electronic paper in its display, and exhibited it at the BASELWORLD 2005 watch and jewelry show held in Switzerland from March 30, 2005.

A 3 x 9 cm electronic paper is curved and embedded along the watch's bracelet-shaped surface. The e-paper displays a constantly-altering mosaic pattern, in addition to the conventional time display. "We aimed to develop a new type of watch that has never existed before," said a company spokesperson. "Then electronic paper caught our eye. Through the utilization of its curvable property, innovative designs have become available. As this is the first watch ever that uses e-paper in the industry, we believe that the industry will be strongly interested in it," he added. The companies are planning to prompt the preparation and launch the product in Japan within FY2005.

Seiko Epson and E Ink Corp of the US jointly developed the e-paper used in this watch. Seiko Epson combined electrophoretic paper that E Ink has been developing, with its driver IC and developed them into a module. This paper-like display contains segmented electrodes for each displayed pattern. It is a monochrome display with a contrast ratio of 10:1.

Takuya Otani, Nikkei Electronics