The "RX350L" SUV
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Three rows of seats can be seen when the rear window is opened.
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Toyota Motor Corp unveiled an SUV with three rows of seats in the Lexus brand of luxury cars at 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, which was open to the public from Dec 1 to 10, 2017, in Los Angeles, Calif, the US.

The SUV, "RX350L," was developed by increasing the number of seats of Toyota's SUV from two to three to respond to the needs for SUVs having three rows of seats.

Some customers want three rows of seats realized by slanting rear pillars rather than minivan's three rows of seats, a Toyota engineer said. The structure of the RX350L is the same as the RX having two rows of seats in the part from the front to the center pillar, but it is different in the remaining part of the car, he said.

The dimensions of the RX350L (the North American model) are 5,000 x 1,895mm, and its wheelbase is 2,790mm. The third row of seats are electric retractable seats. The price of the new SUV starts from US$47,670.

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