IHI to Produce Algae-derived Jet Fuel in Thailand

2017/12/27 14:54
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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IHI Corp announced Nov 6, 2017, that it will construct facilities for a test to produce jet fuel from algae in Thailand.

It is a joint project with Kobe University. IHI developed the integrated manufacturing process of algae-derived "bio jet fuel," aiming to commercialize the production of bio jet fuel.

Thus far, IHI has been engaged in research/development using Botryococcus, microalgae that grow very fast. More than 50% of the alga body of Botryococcus contains hydrocarbon oil, which is a material for oil-alternate fuel.

In fiscal 2015, IHI succeeded in the outdoor large-scale (1,500m2) cultivation of Botryococcus.