A rendered image of "Kashima Plant Head Office Building" (source: AGC)
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The Sunjoule Sudare installed at Kanagawa Prefectural Office Building (source: AGC)
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Asahi Glass Co Ltd (AGC) announced Dec 13, 2017, that it has started to build a net zero energy building (ZEB) at its Kashima Plant in Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

The building is scheduled to be completed in December 2018 and expected to cut energy consumption by 114.7% by using AGC's "power-saving/power-generating" products.

For the building, "Kashima Plant Head Office Building," AGC employed the "Sun-balance Triple Cool" Low-E multi-layered glass (AGC's heat-insulating product), "Excenol" polyurethane foam heat-insulating material, etc. Those energy-saving products can cut power consumption by 50.4%.

Moreover, as a power-generation product, AGC employed the "Sunjoule Sudare" solar cell module integrated with a glass plate for the windows of the building. By laser-cutting monocrystalline silicon cells into strips, the see-through module was realized without lowering efficiency. Its output and conversion efficiency are 60W/m2 and 6%, respectively.

The head office building will come with 111kW of solar panels installed on the roof and 14kW of the Sunjoule Sudare (a type receiving sunlight only on one side). All the electricity generated by them will be consumed in house. They are expected to cut power consumption by 64.3%.

The total floor area of the two-story building will be 1,435m2. For the construction of the building, AGC was selected for a subsidy of the "Verification Project for Advanced Energy-saving Building Aimed at Realizing ZEB," with which Shizuoka Environment Resources Association (SERA) was entrusted by Japan's Ministry of the Environment.