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Structure similar to multi-layer capacitor

The manufacturing method of the surface-mountable all-solid battery is similar to that of multi-layer ceramic capacitors, which have already been mass-produced. An oxide-based lithium (Li) material (ceramic material), which is an electrolyte, is formed into a thin sheet. Then, it it stacked, burned and solidified together with Li-based thin-film electrodes and copper (Cu) thin films, which function as collectors.

The first product to be mass-produced has a thickness of 1.1mm. And multiple sheets and electrodes are stacked in it to increase capacity.

The shape is similar to multi-layer ceramic capacitor.

It is smaller but has a larger capacity than existing products.

Carried on airplanes

The volume production process of TDK's all-solid battery is similar to that of multi-layer ceramic capacitors, which are sometime sold at a price less than ¥1. So, if the volume production of the battery advances in the future, its cost will possibly be lowered to the cost of electronic components. At first, the scale of volume production will be 30,000 units per month.

From a manufacturing plant, the battery will be shipped with no electric energy so that device makers can charge the battery at any time after mounting it. Even though it is a rechargeable battery, it can be embedded in a device with no energy stored. So, there is no limitation in carrying the battery on an airplane.

TDK will serialize the newly-developed all-solid battery as "CeraCharge," planning to ship samples of a "1608" type, which is further smaller (footprint: 1.6 x 0.8mm), in fiscal 2018.

An even smaller product will hit the market.

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