The "EMirai4" concept car
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There is a wide-angle camera in the center to monitor the driver.
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The location of a road is shown by using AR.
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When the image of the padlock is stepped on, the door is unlocked.
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Mitsubishi Electric Corp exhibited the "EMirai4" concept car equipped with a wide-angle camera, a head-up display (HUD), etc at Tokyo Motor Show 2017, which was open to the public from Oct 28 to Nov 5, 2017.

At its booth, Mitsubishi Electric had demonstrations of switching to manual operation at the end of an automatic driving zone by monitoring the state of the driver, supporting the driver with a low visibility in a fog, etc.

To safely switch to manual operation, the EMirai4 checks the state of the driver by using a wide-angle camera and a handle located in the center of the instrument panel. Specifically, it checks (1) if the driver is facing forward, (2) if the driver's eyes are open and (3) if the driver is holding the handle. In a demonstration, the EMirai4 switched to manual operation after checking the three states.

In the demonstration of driving with a low visibility, the AR (augmented reality) function of an HUD (head-up display) was used to show the location of a road. The location of the road was displayed in green on the HUD screen, and the color changed to red when the vehicle came too close to the opposite lane.

Moreover, the concept car can project an image from its lateral sides on the surrounding ground. When the driver came close to the car, the image of a padlock was displayed on the floor. If the image is stepped on, the door is unlocked.

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