TDK Corp developed a portable plasma generator that is expected to be powered by a battery.

With an input of 12V, it generates plasma with a voltage of 10,000-15,000V. It can turn air, etc into plasma while their temperature is 50°C or lower. The dimensions of the generator are 47.3 x 20 x 20mm. It can be mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB) by soldering.

TDK expects that the plasma generator will be used for (1) reforming the surface of resin, (2) sterilizing food, dishes and wounds and (3) eliminating odors by generating ozone.

The newly-developed plasma generator (source: TDK)

An input of 12V is boosted to 10,000V or higher. (source: TDK)

Unused principle applied

A plasma generator turns molecules into ions by giving high-voltage (higher than several thousands volts) energy to gas and activates them (makes them radical). For example, when resin is irradiated with plasma, hydrophilic structures (e.g. OH radicals) are formed on its surface due to a high reactivity.

As a result, it realizes printing with ink that can be easily repelled, without blurs. Also, it is possible to decompose oil attached as a stain and irradiate harmful micro-organisms with plasma to kill them. When plasma is used to turn oxygen (O20) in the air into ozone (O30), it eliminates odors.