Kao Achieves Zero CO2 Emissions at Its Ehime Factory

2018/12/05 17:04
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo & Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The solar power generation facilities of the Ehime Factory (on the roof of the building for production) (source: Kao)

The Kao group announced Nov 28, 2018, that it has started to purchase "zero-CO2-emission electricity" at its five production bases in Japan in October 2018 and achieved zero CO2 emissions at the Ehime Factory.

The purchase of zero-CO2-emission electricity is part of the group's effort to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by it business activities.

The renewable energy ratio of the power purchased at all of the company's production bases (10 bases) in Japan became about 35%. Also, the group expects that the amount of CO2 emissions will be cut by 54,000t per year, compared with the amount emitted in 2017, which is equivalent to the amount emitted by generating power for 24,000 households.

This time, the Kao group reduced the amount of CO2 emissions caused by electricity it purchases to zero (elimination of 25,000t per year) by procuring electricity using a non-fossil certificate at the Ehime Factory (Kao Sanitary Products Ehime Co Ltd), where sanitary products including disposable diapers are manufactured. The plant is operated by using only zero-CO2-emission electricity including power generated by an existing 334kW solar power generation system.

In addition, at the group's Tochigi, Kashima, Kawasaki and Odawara (Kao Cosmetic Products Odawara Co Ltd) factories, the annual amount of CO2 emissions was reduced by 29,000t in total by using hydroelectricity, renewable energy certificates, etc.

The Kao group plans to go forward with the installation of solar power generation facilities and the purchase of zero-CO2-emission electricity in the aim of reducing the amount of CO2 emitted through its business activities to zero. Especially, the group is considering proactively using non-fossil certificates, which are widely traded.

In regard to the group's overseas manufacturing plants, Kao Penang Group (Malaysia), Kao Industrial (Thailand) and Kao (Shanghai) Chemical Industries introduced 136kW, 580kW and 297kW solar power generation systems, respectively, this year.