Continued from Canon Develops 'World's Smallest' 4K Projector With Laser Light Source (1)

This time, Canon also focused on the development of a lens and applied "Red Line," which the company uses only for "ultra-high-performance" lenses, for the first time for a projector lens. The lens unit has a depth of field of 2.6 (F value) and enables to focus even on four corners, which are easily distorted.

It features "Periphery Focus Adjustment Function," which enables to optically focus not only on the center but also the periphery at the time of projecting an image on a dome-shaped screen. In addition, it supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) and can reduce over exposure and realize gradation expression that is close to images viewed with the naked eye.

Furthermore, the new projector comes with (1) "Portrait Projection," which projects a vertically long image by vertically placing the main body, (2) "High-speed Standby Mode," which boots up the projector in about two seconds, and (3) a function to remotely control the projector via wireless LAN by using a smartphone application.

The light source can be used for about 20,000 hours of projection. The brightness of the projector can be finely adjusted. If the projector is used with a low brightness, it can be used for up to 40,000 hours, Canon said.

There is no manufacturer's suggested retail price for the projector, but its expected market price is ¥7.98 million (excluding tax, approx US$71,976). The projector is scheduled to be released in April 2017.