Cubic parts protrude in accordance with the body shape.
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The flat surface of the seat (not in operation)
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Toyota Boshoku Corp showed a concept model of a seat whose shape instantaneously changes in accordance with the body shape of a passenger sitting on it.

The seat, "Vody," was exhibited at Tokyo Motor Show 2017, which was open to the public from Oct 28 to Nov 5, 2017. About 300 cubic parts made of elastomer are used for the seat, and each of them is moved by an actuator so that the seat fits the body shape of the passenger.

At the show, an attendant asked the height of a visitor, visually checked the person's body shape and input the data in a machine developed for demonstration. Then, the seat changed its shape in accordance with the data.

In a demonstration assuming autonomous driving, the seat applied "finger pressure" to the back of a visitor in the aim of relaxing and healing the fatigue of the person.

It is not that the exhibited seat will be realized as it is, Toyota Boshoku said.

"We will aim at an era when seats can be optimized for each passenger," the company said. "Height and body shape are input in the demonstrated machine every time, but we want to make it possible to register data with a smartphone in advance and change the shape of the seat for an individual through data transmission."

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