The "automotive superdirective speaker" exhibited by Fujitsu Ten. The glass is vibrated so that it can be used as a speaker.
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Fujitsu Ten Ltd developed a technology to vibrate a glass plate and use it as an in-vehicle directional speaker.

The company exhibited it as an "automotive superdirective speaker" at Tokyo Motor Show 2017, which was open to the public from Oct 28 to Nov 5, 2017. The new technology integrates a rear-view mirror, instrument panel, etc with a speaker and sends sound exclusively to the driver.

Fujitsu Ten expects the new technology to be used for providing a silent environment to passengers and protecting the privacy of the driver talking on the phone without using a hand.

This time, Fujitsu Ten vibrated a glass plate with an ultrasonic wave and used it as a speaker. An actuator that generates an ultrasonic wave was embedded in the black bezel of the exhibited glass plate.

"We made improvements to vibration given to the glass plate in the aim of increasing directivity," the company said.

The direction of sound cannot be changed.

"We have not yet decided when to commercialize the technology," Fujitsu Ten said. "We will look for needs from now."

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