The "Hi-Max" new commercial truck
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Astra Daihatsu Motor ADM, an Indonesian subsidiary of Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd, released the "Hi-Max" new commercial pickup truck designed only for the Indonesian market Nov 10, 2016.

The retail price of the truck ranges from about 95.3 million to 103.3 million rupiah (approx US$7,043-7,634) in Jakarta.

The Hi-Max is an A-segment pickup truck. In Indonesia, the number of small cargo deliveries between delivery bases and delivery destinations is increasing because the number of convenience stores and the use of online shopping are increasing, according to Daihatsu. In urban areas, where narrow alleys are concentrated, there is an increasing need for pickup trucks, which can turn in a small radius.

Daihatsu developed the pickup truck in response to such market needs. It measures 3,395 (L) x 1,475 (W) x 1,770mm (H), and its minimum ground clearance is 160mm. It is a two-seat FR (front-engine, rear-wheel-drive) vehicle.

The power train of the truck combines the "1KR-DE" 1.0L in-line three-cylinder engine and a five-speed manual transmission. The engine, which is designed for use in emerging countries, has a maximum output of 48kW and a maximum torque of 85N·m.