"TGX-280PM-WHT-J" (new model) (source: Toshiba)
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Toshiba Corp will release a new product of the "GX Series" high-efficiency, low-priced residential solar panel Nov 20, 2017.

The new product, "TGX-280PM-WHT-J," has a nominal maximum output of 280W. The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the product is ¥126,800 (approx US$1,121, excluding tax).

By employing a high-efficiency monocrystalline cell, Toshiba realized a maximum module conversion efficiency of 17.1% with the same size as that of the 255W model of the GX series (60 cells per panel). Also, the "four bus-bar electrode," which forms four bus bars on the surface of a cell, was employed to shorten power transmission distance between electrodes, reducing the power transmission loss caused by electric resistance.

Moreover, the power generation efficiency of the panel was improved by using "AR Coat (anti-reflection sheet)," which reduces optical loss caused by reflection. The (output) guarantee period of the product is 20 years, and that of components such as power conditioners is 10 years.

The other specifications of the panel are as follows.

Operating voltage at the nominal maximum output: 31.0V
Operating current at the nominal maximum output: 9.02A
Nominal open voltage: 38.9V
Nominal short-circuit current: 9.55V
Maximum system voltage: 1,000V
Dimensions (main unit): 1,650 x 990 x 40mm
Weight: about 19.0kg