The "Roadster RF"
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Its interior
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Its electric-powered roof
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The "Skyactiv-G 2.0" engine
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Mazda Motor Corp announced Nov 10, 2016, that it has started to accept pre-orders for the "Roadster RF" convertible compact sports car.

The Roadster RF will be released Dec 22, 2016. It is based on the new "Roadster," which Mazda released in 2015, and is priced at ¥3,240,000-3,736,800 (approx US$30,414-35,077, including consumption tax).

While the electric-powered roof of the Roadster is made of cloth (soft top), the roof of the RF is made of a material consisting of three thermo-setting CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic) parts (hard top). The three parts are formed by using steel plate, aluminum (Al) alloy and SMC (sheet molding compound). The front, middle and rear parts of the roof are made of Al alloy, steel plate and CFRP, respectively.

The roof of the RF can be opened/closed even when the car is running if the speed is 10km/h (approx 6.2mph) or lower.

The power train of the RF is the same as that of the Roadster. It combines the "Skyactiv-G 2.0" 2.0L in-line four-cylinder gasoline engine with a six-speed automatic transmission (AT) or a six-speed manual transmission (MT). Its maximum output and maximum torque are 116kW/6,000rpm and 200N·m/4,600rpm, respectively.

The fuel efficiency of the RF, which is an FR (front-engine, rear-wheel-drive) vehicle, is 15.6km/L (36.7mpg) under the JC08 test mode. Its dimensions are 3,915 (L) x 1,735 (W) x 1,245mm (H), and its wheelbase is 2,310mm. While the RF is 5mm higher than the Roadster, the length and width are the same as those of the Roadster.

Mazda started the production of "MX-5 RF," a model of the Roadster RF with specifications designed for the North American and European markets, Oct 4, 2016, at its Ujina Daiichi Plant. The company will start to sell the MX-5 RF in early 2017.