Waiting for the delivery of PV inverters, the 1MW solar power plant that incorporates Solar Frontier panels began to sell power in March 2017, following completion of the review of the self-check before use. Then, the 1.35MW mega solar power plant that uses Yingli panels was reconnected to the grid in June 2017 (Fig. 15).

Fig. 15: After restoration. Cultivation of crops was started on the field adjacent to the south of the mega solar power plant. The pictures were taken on August 2, 2017. (source: Nikkei BP, excluding the top picture)

The 1MW power plant was connected to the grid earlier than the other one because the amount of flooded or submerged equipment was comparatively small, according to the company.

The cost for restoration from the damage was approximately 500 million yen (approx US$4.4 million), which is close to the cost for construction of a new mega solar power plant of the same scale. The amount naturally exceeds the amount covered by the damage insurance.

In the case of Technical Yield, all the operations from removal to construction can be basically handled by group companies. If Technical Yield was a general power producer that entrusts the operations to external companies, a higher cost and a longer period would have been required for the restoration.

The company took out "a full-package-type damage insurance offered by anticipating all types of disasters including earthquakes," according to the company. The damage this time was covered because it was caused by flooding.