Continued from Mitsubishi Fuso to Launch 'World's 1st' Electric Truck in Japan (2)

The inverter is located in a place where there was a diesel engine.

As a driving motor, a "permanent magnet-type synchronous motor" was employed. It is procured from a Europe-based motor manufacturer. Its maximum output and maximum torque are 135kW and 390N·m, respectively. EV trucks require a motor that can realize a higher torque than passenger EVs.

At this point, it is impossible to establish a large-scale volume production system for the eCanter, making it difficult to design a motor only for the truck. So, Mitsubishi Fuso saved cost by using an industrial motor designed for construction machines.

"When the number increases, it will become possible to use a motor designed exclusively for the truck, enabling to improve vehicle performance," Mitsubishi Fuso said.

The inverter, which is another important component, is procured from the US-based manufacturer.

Middle-, large-size electric trucks planned

Mitsubishi Fuso Chair Kazuo Matsunaga took the podium.

"Japanese manufacturers of parts of passenger cars have excellent technologies," the company said. "However, foreign manufacturers are superior in terms of truck parts."

It seems to be difficult to employ Japanese parts, which need to be newly designed, for the eCanter, for which vehicle cost is important.

"If possible, we want to use Japanese parts, which have a high reliability," the company said.

Mitsubishi Fuso will give consideration to responses of users including Seven-Eleven and Yamato Transport and use them for development of new electric vehicles.

"In the future, we will engage in development with a view to developing middle- and large-size electric trucks," Mitsubishi Fuso Chair Kazuo Matsunaga said.

Mitsubishi Fuso plans to tap the electric truck market with the eCanter, lower the costs of main components through volume production and use the lower-cost parts of the eCanter for middle- and large-size electric trucks to be released in the future. In the Daimler group, which is a gigantic organization, the company is developing a clear strategy for electric vehicles.

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