Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp (Mitsubishi Fuso) announced Oct 19, 2017, that it will start to deliver the "eCanter," which the company claims is the world's first mass-produced compact electric truck, in Japan.

Mitsubishi Fuso is a company affiliated with Germany-based Daimler AG. The eCanter was developed based on the "Canter," whose unit sales is 100,000 per year in the global market. Mitsubishi Fuso developed the lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery of the eCanter in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, a luxury car brand of the Daimler group. The drive range of the truck is expected to be 100km (approx 62.1 miles per charge).

Mitsubishi Fuso's "eCanter" electric truck for Seven-Eleven Japan

Mitsubishi Fuso will deliver 25 units of the truck to each of Seven-Eleven Japan Co Ltd and Yamato Transport Co Ltd. They will start to be used in or after November 2017. The truck is manufactured in Japan and Portugal. Mitsubishi Fuso plans to produce 150 units within 2017, expecting to increase the production volume in 2018.

The eCanter for Yamato Transport

"There are great advantages in introducing EV trucks," Seven-Eleven Japan President Kazuki Furuya said.

The EV truck can reduce not only the amount of exhaust gas but also noise and vibration, decreasing the physical load on the driver, compared with conventional diesel trucks.

In addition, the EV truck can reduce cost at the time of running. It is expected to reduce cost by up to 1,000 euro per 10,000km, compared with diesel trucks. In the case of Seven-Eleven Japan, each of the EV trucks will deliver to about 10 stores. The running distance of the truck is planned to be several kilometers per round though it differs depending on the region.

The dimensions of the eCanter are 5,935 (L) x 1,995 (W) x 2,195mm (H), which are suited for delivery in urban areas with a narrow road width. The total mass of the truck is 7,490kg. Its riding capacity is three people.

The dimensions of the truck, and the locations of its main components

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