Fashion models wearing the glasses
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Paris Miki Inc will release glasses that attract oxygen and water vapor to the eyes to prevent eye strain and dry eyes.

The rims and bridge of the glasses are coated with a material made by using titanium oxide. With light-induced hydrophilia, the coated area attracts oxygen and water vapor when it receives ultraviolet light. The glasses are expected to be used for preventing eye strain and dry eyes caused by heavy use of smartphones, personal computers, etc.

Paris Miki, which sells glasses, will release nine models (34 types) of the glasses, "Sanso Megame (oxygen glasses)," Nov 27, 2015. It named the coating "Light-induced Transparent Film."

"It reacts to ultraviolet light of 200-400nm and generates electrons and (electron) holes," the company said. "In the end, four holes react with four OH- ions, generating H2O and O2. This is the main reaction."

It takes effect with a relative humidity of 35-45%, at which symptoms such as dry eyes are likely to occur. Paris Miki confirmed that humidity and the amount of oxygen increase 5-8mm away from the frame, which corresponds to the position of the eyeball surface.

However, with a high humidity, the amount of water vapor is near its saturation point, and the effect of the Light-induced Transparent Film is hardly observed, Paris Miki said. The company has been engaged in the research on metal oxide semiconductors, and the newly-developed coating is part of the results of the research.