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It is hung from an ear.
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Sharp Corp exhibited a prototype of a compact "bite counter" that can be hung from an ear at Ceatec Japan 2017, which took place from Oct 3 to 6, 2017.

In its booth, the company had a demonstration of biting a gummi candy while wearing the counter, "Bitescan," and counting the number of bites.

Existing bite counters used for medical purposes, etc can count the number of bites with a high accuracy. However, they require users to attach a large device to the chin, head, etc. On the other hand, the Bitescan is so small and light in weight that it can be hung from an ear, making it possible to count the number of bites with ease.

The new bite counter measures the number of bites, speed, etc based on, for example, vibration on the back side of an ear at the time of biting. Measurement results can be checked with a smartphone.

Also, the Bitescan can judge how the user bites food (e.g. biting only in the right part of the mouth, biting only in the left part and biting in both parts) based on the vibration waveform detected on the back side of the ear.

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