A usage example of the system
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Video shot by the system
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Mitsubishi Electric Corp developed a "wide angle camera-type driver monitoring system," which can monitor the driver and a passenger sitting next to the driver with only one wide-angle camera.

Existing driver monitoring systems monitor only the driver. They analyze the facial image of the driver and use the data for detecting inattentive driving, drowsy driving, etc.

The new system takes images of both the driver and passenger with the camera to monitor the states of the two persons. With the face authentication of a passenger sitting next to the driver, it improves comfort in the car by playing music suited for the passenger, controlling the air conditioner depending on the existence of a passenger sitting on the front passenger seat, etc.

Also, with a function to recognize hand gestures, it enables to control in-vehicle devices with gestures from both the driver's and front passenger seat. In the future, it will become possible to detect a passenger's collapse from a seisure based on posture change, Mitsubishi Electric said.

The company plans to commercialize the system in or after 2018.

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