The camera is located in the center. Also, a trapezoidal camera is seen in the head lamp on the right side.
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The head lamp
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The tail lamp. The camera is located in the trapezoidal area.
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Koito Manufacturing Co Ltd prototyped a head/tail lamp in which a camera unit is embedded and exhibited it at Ceatec Japan 2017, a trade show for CPS/IoT technologies, which took place from Oct 3 to 6, 2017, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Koito aims to commercialize the lamp in 2020. The exhibited lamp has a camera and light-emitting part in its transparent plastic cover. At CES 2017, which took place in January 2017, Quanergy Systems Inc (the US-based LiDAR manufacturer) exhibited a prototype in which Quanergy's LiDAR device was embedded in Koito's head lamp.

This is the first time that Koito has exhibited a head/tail lamp incorporating a camera. The company might embed a milliwave radar device in the lamp. Koito assembled the camera by purchasing an image sensor, etc from outside companies.

As a major automotive lamp manufacturer, Koito occupies the four corners of vehicle and is planning to use the advantage in the era of autonomous driving. It aims to improve the added values of lamps by adding external sensing functions to them.

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