The compact four-wheeled series HEV to be exhibited by Yamaha
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The leaning multi wheel (LMW) mechanism of "Tricity MW125" Parallelogram link
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Yamaha Motor Co Ltd announced the overview of a series hybrid vehicle (HEV) that it will exhibit at Tokyo Motor Show 2017, which will be open to the public from Oct 28 to Nov 5, 2017.

Under the theme of "Half Size Mobility," which is aimed at realizing both high convenience and high driving performance, Yamaha will exhibit a compact four-wheeled series HEV equipped with an engine for power generation.

The series HEV features a "leaning multi wheel (LMW) mechanism." When the vehicle is turning, the two front wheels and two rear wheels respectively lean in sync with the auto body. As a result, even though it is a four-wheeled-vehicle, it can realize agile, comfortable driving like a two-wheeled vehicle.

The LMW mechanism consists of "parallelogram links" and "cantilever telescopic suspension." There are two links arranged in parallel. And the centers of the links are fixed to the auto body.

With this structure, the parallelogram links move right and left suspensions to different positions when the vehicle is turning. The right and left wheels move in opposite directions while being in parallel with each other. The HEV can run while leaning the right and left wheels to the direction to which the vehicle leans (when the driver is turning the steering wheel).

The mechanism was employed for "Tricity MW125" (125cc), which was released in the Japanese market in September 2014 (See related article). The Tricity has two front wheels and one rear wheel and uses the LMW mechanism only for the front wheels. Yamaha seems to have developed the new concept car by applying technologies developed for the Tricity to the front and rear wheels of the new vehicle.

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