NEC Prototypes Li-ion Battery for Business-use Drones

2016/11/06 19:24
Miki Morimoto
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The "DT005-01" Li-ion rechargeable battery (source: NEC Energy Devices)
The battery attached to a drone (source: NEC Energy Devices)

NEC Energy Devices Ltd announced that it has developed a prototype of a lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery for business-use drones.

Compared with lithium polymer rechargeable batteries, which are often used for drones, the new battery will increase the number of flights by more than two times, the company said.

This time, NEC Energy Devices newly developed a positive-electrode material with a large power capacity per unit mass and increased mass energy density (at the time of high output) by about 33%, compared with the company's previous product. As a result, it became possible to increase flight duration/distance by 33% or reduce drone size/weight by about 25%.