The design of the partially-remodeled "Note" is different from that of the previous model.
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A rear view
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A side view
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A front view
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Nissan Motor Co Ltd partially remodeled the "Note" compact car and released it Nov 2, 2016.

Some models of the new Note are equipped with the "e-Power" series hybrid system for their power trains. Their prices start from ¥1,772,280 (approx US$17,165, including tax).

The e-Power system was developed by adding an engine and a generator to the power train of an electric vehicle (EV) consisting of a motor, battery and inverter. The system does not use the engine for driving the vehicle, and the engine is used only for generating electricity. The models equipped with the e-Power have no charging port, and only gasoline can be supplied to them.

At the time of starting moving the vehicle, the engine is not in operation, and electricity is supplied from the battery to the motor to drive the vehicle. The engine is used depending on remaining battery level, vehicle speed, etc to generate electricity if necessary.

For example, when the vehicle is rapidly accelerating or climbing up a hill, electricity generated by the generator, which is powered by the engine, is directly supplied to the motor (in addition to electricity from the battery) to ensure enough driving force.

Because the rotation speed of the engine can be controlled regardless of the rotation speed of tires, it becomes possible to mainly use the most fuel-efficient range of 2,200-2,500rpm, Nissan said.

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