Honda Uses Heavier Wheels for New Freed to Reduce Road Noise

2016/11/04 17:32
Takashi Takada
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The new Freed with two rows of seats
An iron-based wheel for hybrid vehicles

Honda increased the weight of the wheels of the new "Freed" compact minivan to reduce road noise.

The new Freed, which was released Sept 16, 2016, uses iron- and aluminum alloy-based wheels. And Honda increased the mass of each wheel by 1kg. Specifically, the rim outer periphery of each wheel is about 10% thicker than that of the company's previous wheel.

With the increase in the thickness of the rim outer periphery, the inertial force generated by a rotating wheel increases. Because the rotation becomes stabler than that of the previous wheel, it becomes easier to reduce vibration and, thus, noise.

"Compared with the previous wheel, the noise of the new wheels is 10-15% lower in terms of sound pressure (decibel)," Honda said.

The heavier wheels increased the mass of the vehicle by 4kg, but it was compensated by reducing the weights of sheets, interior parts, etc, the company said.