A conceptual drawing of the facilities for the verification test
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Honda Motor Co Ltd announced Oct 24, 2016, that it has started a verification test using a compact hydrogen station with a filing pressure of 70MPa.

Honda installed the hydrogen station in Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo. By using its "Clarity Fuel Cell" fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) and a portable system capable of supplying electricity to external equipment, the company will check the station's CO2 reduction effect in the city environment and its practicability as an emergency power generation facility.

The 70MPa hydrogen station produces hydrogen by using power generated by a photovoltaic power generation system. The floor area of the main equipment of the station is about 6m2, which is smaller than the floor area of the main equipment of Honda's previous hydrogen station (filling pressure: 35MPa).

With a high-pressure water electrolysis system developed by the company, the new hydrogen station can produce up to 2.5kg of hydrogen (pressure at the time of production: 77MPa) per 24 hours without using a compressor.

The station can store about 18kg of hydrogen, which is the amount that enables Honda's FCV to run about 750km (under the JC08 test mode, measured in house). It can fully charge the FCV at an external temperature of 20°C, and the pressure in the hydrogen tank starts from 10MPa.