A carrying case is available for the battery.
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There are three USB ports for output and two AC power outlets.
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The rotatable charging stand exhibited by Honda
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This time, as an option, Honda showed a carrying case equipped with tires and a handle. The battery can be housed in the case so that it can be easily carried around. The case is equipped with three USB ports for output and two AC power outlets.

Like the "LiB-Aid E500" portable Li-ion power storage unit, which Honda released in September 2017, the new battery is useful for camping, sleeping in a car, etc (See related article). The battery capacity of the LiB-Aid E500 is 377kWh. So, the capacity of the new battery is about 2.7 times larger than that.

For charging the new battery, a rotatable charging stand is used. A concept model of the stand exhibited by Honda has a rotary table-like mechanism in each of the upper and lower spaces. Each space can contain four units of the battery.

When discharged batteries are placed on the space, its floor rotates, and charged batteries appear. The charging stand is expected to be installed on a roadside, in a parking lot, etc.

Battery to be tested in Philippines

Honda will start a verification test of the battery in the Philippines. The company will operate the detachable battery and the rotatable charging stand in the Romblon island of the country and examine its effect as a social infrastructure that supports daily life.

The test will be conducted from the fall of 2017 to February 2019. Honda plans to collect opinions on problems related to the operation of the battery and the stand and their usability in the aim of promoting the commercialization of the battery.

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