Continued from Teardown of iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 (2)

Following the iPhone 8 Plus, Nikkei Technology Online Teardown Squad started to break down the Apple Watch Series 3. It was expected to be more difficult to open the case of the watch than the case of the iPhone 8 Plus because the watch uses adhesive to joint the display unit and the case instead of screws.

A heat-retaining bag was used to warm the adhesive of the case so that it can be easily removed.

Though the case was warmed in the bag, we failed to make space for the blade of a knife.

In place of the heat-retaining bag, we used a hair dryer but still was not able to make the space.

Heated in oven

The watch was heated in the oven for 20 seconds at 100 degrees C.

The case of the Apple Watch heated in the oven was distorted by using a vice while being heated by a hair dryer. Finally, space into which a knife can be inserted was made.