The HEV model of the "Step WGN"
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Honda Motor Co Ltd equipped the new "Step WGN" mid-size minivan with the "Honda Sensing" safe driving support system as a standard feature and added some functions to the system.

Honda partially remodeled the Step WGN and released it Sept 29, 2017. This time, the company added "Steering for Reducing Pedestrian Accidents" and "ACC (adaptive cruise control) Supporting All Vehicle Speeds." The former helps avoid a collision by automatically controlling the steering when there is a risk of a collision with a pedestrian walking on a sidewalk.

The latter is a preceding vehicle following function that can be used even at the time of traffic jam. The previous system functions only when the vehicle speed is 30km/h or hither. This function is combined with an EPB (electric parking brake). So, Honda added it only to the hybrid model of the Step WGN, which is equipped with the EPB.

For the "N-Box" light car that Honda fully remodeled and released in September 2017, the company reformed the Honda Sensing system. And the company plans to use the new system for cars that it will release in the future.

However, because the latest Step WGN is a partially-remodeled car, Honda did not employ the new system for it. The monocular camera and milliwave radar device of the system are products of Nidec Elesys Corp and Fujitsu Ten Ltd, which is affiliated with the Denso group, respectively.

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