Landslide on slopes in Sanda City

Typhoon No. 20 also caused the collapse of a solar power plant construction site. Construction work for solar panel installation is underway on a slope between a housing complex and agricultural roads and rice fields below the complex in Suzukakedai, Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture. Trees that grew on the slope had been cut down for land improvement and bars that indicate the positions of pile foundations had been driven into the slope as of early September.

According to a farmer who grows rice in the fields near the construction site, the construction started about two years ago and some of the surface soil was washed away with every rainfall. The situation was worsened by the torrential rains in western Japan, resulting in a large-scale landslide due to typhoon No. 21 and the blocking of the agricultural road in front of the construction site, according to the farmer (Fig. 24).

Fig. 24: A solar power plant construction site collapsed in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture (picture: Nikkei BP)

The farmer asked the contractor to provide measures against the collapse of the top soil. Responding to the request, the contractor said, "A special lawn will be planted after the completion of construction and soil runoff will be reduced when it takes root," according to the farmer.

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