Yamaha Corp showed a technology that has a potential to reproduce the drum performance of Ringo Starr (drummer for the Beatles) at home.

The technology, "Real Sound Viewing," was demonstrated at IFA 2019, which took place from Sept 6 to 11, 2019, in Berlin, Germany. This is the first time that the company has showed the technology at a trade show.

A drum performance of "Real Sound Viewing." Video of an artist was displayed in the back. (source: Nikkei xTech)

The Real Sound Viewing reproduces the performances of famous artists, etc by making input signals of a device called "reproducer," which vibrates a musical instrument based on sound source data of actual performance. In the demonstration at the IFA, a drum set and contrabass were played by using the technology.

The "reproducer" attached to a drum. It incorporates a vibration exciter and vibrates the drum like an actual performance based on vibration data. Cymbals are made of metal, and a different kind of the reproducer is used for them. (source: Nikkei xTech)

Yamaha developed the reproducer in house. It is equipped with a vibration exciter that vibrates a musical instrument with a principle similar to that of speakers. To reproduce vibration that is given to a musical instrument in actual performance, the company optimized the shape of the reproducer, etc for each musical instrument.

In the case of drum sets, there are two types of the reproducer for drums and cymbals. As seen in the picture below, the shape of the reproducer for contrabasses is different from that of the reproducer for drums.

The reproducer for contrabasses. It is attached to (1) the bridge (white woody part in the center) that transmits the vibration of a plucked string to the void body and (2) an upper part of the instrument. (source: Nikkei xTech)

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