ZEH was realized by installing solar panels on the roof of a high-airtightness house made by using materials produced in the prefecture. (source: Nikkei BP)
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Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress produced in Kamiyama-cho were used. (source: Nikkei BP)
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The government of Tokushima Prefecture opened "Eco Model Room," a model house that meets the ZEH (net zero energy house) standard, at "Eco Mirai Tokushima" (location: Nishishinhama-cho, Tokushima City), which is a base for environmental activities, and had an event to celebrate the opening Sept 24, 2017.

ZEH means a house that improves energy-saving performance by using insulating materials, etc, installs a solar power generation system, offsets primary energy used for air conditioning, lighting and water heating with solar electricity and reduces annual CO2 emissions to zero.

Tokushima Prefecture, which aims to promote the use of ZEH, selected a consortium consisting of Tokushima Yama Sumai Machi Net (specified nonprofit corporation), Himenogumi Co Ltd (Tokushima City), Kitakikaisangyou (Tokushima City) and Kamiyama-machi Forestry Invigoration Council in the prefecture's public call for a builder of the Eco Model Room. The consortium paid all the installation fee.

The Eco Model Room consists of one room whose floor area is about 10m2. It was built by using Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress produced in Kamiyama-cho (town), Tokushima Prefecture, as well as the "carpentry skills of Kamiyama-cho" and a conventional construction method.

An insulating material made of recycled paper-derived cellulose fibers was applied to the floor, walls and ceiling. The house features not only a high heat-insulating performance but also a high air tightness and high sound absorbency. Also, it prevents dew condensation inside the house.

A composite sash made of plastic and aluminum was employed for openings, and a highly-insulating type infused with argon gas was used for pair glass.

On the roof of the house, 1.96kW of Panasonic Corp's HIT solar panels were installed. By combining Panasonic's 1kWh storage battery and the solar power generation system, electricity generated can be fully utilized. During a power failure, two LED lamps, one TV set, three mobile phones and one refrigerator can be used for about three hours.