Continued from [PS VR Teardown (2)] Small, Simple Main Board

After tearing down the front unit of the VR Headset, we started to disassemble the band unit, which functions as a headband.

The VR Headset

The band unit has features that prevent the user from getting tired even when wearing the headset for long hours. For example, there are cushions on the front and rear sides of the band unit as if covering the user's head. Especially, the front cushion is large enough to contact the entire forehead.

The rear side of the band unit

In addition, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) employed some measures to put the center of gravity near the parietal region. Specifically, a weight was added to the rear right part of the band unit to offset the weight of the cable connected to the Processor Unit (PU) located on the opposite (left) side. The weight of the VR Headset is about 610g. But I hardly felt the weight when wearing it.

The band unit after removing cushions, a rubber part near the temporal regions, etc

There is a weight on the rear part of the band unit.