Continued from [PS VR Teardown (1)] Many LEDs on FPC

The main board of the PS VR was small, and the number of semiconductor parts mounted on it was also small. The most eye-catching component on the main board was a chip located in the center. Judging from the characters printed on it, it looked like Toshiba Corp's "TC358870XBG" bridge chip for HDMI and DSI.

For the PS VR, the audio and video signals (for gaming) played by the PS4 are output as HDMI signals to the "Processor Unit (PU)," a small device embedded in the PS VR. The bridge chip converts the HDMI signals to DSI signals and transmits them to the OLED panel.

The PS VR separately drives the right and left parts of the OLED panel for displaying different videos for the right and left eyes. Therefore, the bridge chip outputs DSI signals for two channels.

The front side of the PS VR's main board. The bridge chip is located in the center.

The reverse side of the main board