Panel Installation Starts at 230MW Solar Plant in Okayama

2016/10/13 16:05
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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The first solar panel being installed (source: Kuni Umi Asset Management)
The second panel (source: Kuni Umi Asset Management)
An area in which the installation of mounting systems has been completed (source: Kuni Umi Asset Management)

The installation of solar panels started at Setouchi Kirei Solar Power Plant, Japan's largest-scale solar power plant being built on the site of the former Kinkai Salt Farm in Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, Oct 4, 2016.

People involved in the project (those working for the power producer, the city government, etc) participated in the installation and set up the first three panels.

The output of the mega (large-scale) solar power plant is about 230MW, which is larger than the output of any other solar power plant that has already started to be constructed in Japan. The power producer of the plant is Setouchi Kirei Future Creation LLC, which was financed by GE Energy Financial Services, Toyo Engineering Corp, Kuni Umi Asset Management Co Ltd and Chudenko Corp.

The construction of the plant has been half completed, and about 80% of the foundation work and about 50% of the installation of mounting systems have been finished. Solar panels started to be installed in October 2016. The plant is scheduled to be completed and start operations in the spring of 2019.

About 70 people from the power producer, construction firms, the government of Setouchi City, the city council, etc assembled at the construction site and celebrated the commemorative installation of the first panel. There was a great round of applause when City Mayor Akinari Takehisa and Kuni Umi Asset Management President Yasuyo Yamazaki fixed the first panel.

The second panel was set up by Jyunji Hirahara (chairperson of Setouchi City Council) and Mutsumi Murosaki (member of the city assembly and chairperson of the Special Committee for Utilizing the Former Kinkai Salt Farm, Setouchi City Council). The third panel was installed by people from GE Japan Inc (as a representative of the investors) and Toyo Engineering (as a representative of the constructors).

For the plant, Trina Solar Ltd and Yingli Green Energy Holding Co Ltd supply solar panels while General Electric Co (GE) and Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corp (TMEIC) provide PV inverters (See related article).