Pigmented spots can be easily concealed just by attaching a "makeup sheet" that fits in with the user's skin.
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On the "Interactive Mirror," a facial image taken by a camera and the distribution of pigmented spots are displayed.
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Panasonic Corp announced a system that enables to put on makeup just by attaching a sheet printed by a special printer to the face.

The skin condition of the user is checked with the "Interactive Mirror" equipped with a camera. Then, an ultra-thin "makeup sheet" is printed by the special printer. She can easily conceal her pigmented spots and flecks just by attaching the sheet to her face.

The system was exhibited at Ceatec Japan 2016, which took place from Oct 4 to 7, 2016, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City.

The pigmented spots of the user are automatically recognized just by sitting in front of the Interactive Mirror including not only spots on the surface but also spots under the skin. In a demonstration, only surface spots were targeted, and the data was transmitted to a printer. A sheet was printed in about 90 seconds.

When the sheet (including a support) is applied to wet skin, only the ultra-thin layer is attached to the skin. The ultra-thin layer is several hundred nanometers in thickness, and its material is safe enough to be used for surgical operations, etc. The sheet is hardly twisted even when the user sweats and can be easily removed by using water. The system supports not only the skin color of the Japanese but also other colors.

Pigmented spots and wrinkles are contactlessly detected by applying while LED light from the mirror to the skin and analyzing the color components of the light reflected and absorbed. According to Panasonic, many existing sensors for detecting pigmented spots apply ultraviolet light to the skin.