The screen with a projected image (left) and the screen without a projected image (right)
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Panasonic Corp developed a see-through screen with a contrast ratio more than 400% higher than that of its previous product and plans to release it in February 2017.

When displaying video by using a projector, the see-through screen functions as a transmissive screen supporting HD images and videos. When it is not displaying video, it is a transparent glass plate with a transmittance of about 70% and can clearly show products or scenery behind it.

Panasonic expects that the screen will be used to promote products in a showcase and at amusement facilities. The company has been testing the screen at the Kyushu Tenjin branch of JTB Corp.

The see-through screen is equipped with a special dimming film sandwiched between two glass plates. The film changes the degree of light diffusion and the degree of pigmentation when a voltage is applied to it. With the application of voltage, the screen becomes transparent. When the voltage is off, it functions as a transmissive screen.

"As a result, we realized a contrast ratio that is more than five times higher than that of our previous see-through screen," Panasonic said.