An image of the battery module of the storage battery to be developed (source: Sumitomo)
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Sumitomo Corp will start what it claims is the world's first effort to rapidly charge electric buses with the regenerative electric power of trains.

In the project, "Zero Emission Region Public Transportation Infrastructure (Electric Bus)," power regenerated by kinetic energy at the time of decelerating a train is stored in a storage battery and used for charging electric buses.

The project is jointly conducted by Sumitomo, Saitama City, Saitama Railway Corp, Exergy Power Systems Inc (a company that develops next-generation energy storage systems) and Waseda University Academic Solutions Corp. All the regenerative electric power of trains is stored in a storage battery, and an electric bus is rapidly charged with the power within five minutes by using a charger in contact with a pantograph.

Exergy Power Systems developed the storage battery while Waseda University Academic Solutions and Sumitomo will examine challenges in spreading the use of electric buses.

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