The new sensor
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Omron Corp developed a thermopile-type human presence sensor in cooperation with Nikken Sekkei Ltd (architectural design company).

The sensor incorporates a MEMS (micro electro mechanical system)-based contactless temperature sensor and detects the radiation temperature of a human. When set up on a ceiling, etc, it can detect whether there is a human in each of 16 areas measuring 3.6 x 3.6m each.

The pixel count of the sensor is 256. It can measure the number of people in each area by detecting heat sources based on the temperature data measured by each pixel. The sensor uses an algorithm that detects the features of humans and can distinguish between humans and non-human heat sources such as OA (office automation) equipment.

With the sensor, it becomes possible to reduce the power consumption of lighting equipment and adjust the amount of air ventilation in accordance with the number of people. Also, by sensing the radiation temperature of a floor and excluding the influence of humans from the temperature, it becomes possible to set an air conditioner temperature that makes people feel comfortable.

In a time of disaster, the sensor can be used for detecting the number of people in the room and their locations.