The new "Freed" compact minivan
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The smaller IPU
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The space for allowing exhaust heat to escape to the outside
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For the new "Freed" compact minivan, which Honda Motor Co Ltd released Sept 16, 2016, the company changed the location of the IPU (intelligent power unit) so that the car is available as a 4WD (four-wheel-drive) vehicle.

In the case of the HEV model of the "Fit," which uses the same system as the Freed, an IPU equipped with a lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery is located under the luggage space. If the Fit were a 4WD vehicle, the IPU would be placed on the differential of its rear wheels, narrowing the space for the third row of seats and the luggage space.

In view of this, the IPU of the new Freed was placed on its side under the first row of seats. The length of the Freed's IPU is 55mm shorter than that of the Fit HEV's IPU so that it can be stored under the first row of seats. Despite the smaller size, the capacity of the Freed's Li-ion battery is the same as that of the Fit's Li-ion battery (0.9kWh).

Moreover, Honda changed the cooling method for the IPU. Specifically, it secures a space for allowing exhaust heat to escape from the floor under the first and second rows of seats to the outside so that heat is not trapped in the interior of the car.