An autonomous vehicle being developed by Hitachi Automotive Systems
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Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd announced Sept 21, 2016, that it has developed a technology to detect the location of an autonomous vehicle when it loses sight of the traffic lane on which it is running.

When cameras monitoring preceding vehicles and the surrounding environment cannot recognize traffic lanes due to bad weather or a sharp curve, the new technology detects the location of the user's car and helps the car keep running on the lane without deviating from it.

The new technology, "Lane Mark Fusion," keeps storing image data from cameras monitoring the environment surrounding the car and objects in front of the car in an ECU (electronic control unit) used for autonomous driving. When the car loses sight of the traffic lane on which it is running, the location of the car is detected by using the stored image data and positional data from a GPS (global positioning system).

As a result, even when the vehicle loses sight of the lane, it can continue to run on it.

Hitachi Automotive Systems will announce the details of the new technology at FISITA 2016, an international conference on auto technologies, which runs from Sept 26 to 30, 2016, in Busan, South Korea.