The "S60" thermal camera-equipped smartphone that Onkyo & Pioneer Marketing Japan will release in October 2017. It measures 147.9 x 73.4 x 12.66mm, and its weight is 223g.
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A thermographic image being displayed by using a dedicated application
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An image taken with "Thermal Imaging Camera" of FLIR Systems
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A switch located to the lower right of the front display is used to switch to a mode in which the phone can be used under water.
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Onkyo & Pioneer Marketing Japan Corp will release a smartphone equipped with a thermal camera in mid-October 2017.

The smartphone, "S60," is a business-use product of Caterpillar Inc's "CAT" brand, the US-based major construction machine manufacturer. It is the world's first smartphone equipped with a thermal camera, Onkyo & Pioneer Marketing Japan said.

The new product is an Android-based SIM-free smartphone. With MyFLIR for Cat S60, an application dedicated to the phone, it can take thermographic images. It is expected to be used not only for construction work, electrical work and machine operations but also for the health management of pets and leisure activities.

The thermal camera is "Thermal Imaging Camera," a product of FLIR Systems Inc, which is a major thermal camera manufacturer based in the US. The resolution of the camera and its infrared light-receiving area are VGA (640 x 480 pixels) and 80 x 60 pixels, respectively. Its measurable temperature ranges from -20 to +120°C.

FLIR Systems has been selling products such as "FLIR One," a thermal camera device that can be attached to smartphones. But, this time, the company embedded the camera in the smartphone.

In addition to the thermal camera, the S60 comes with an acceleration sensor, gyroscope, electronic compass, illuminance sensor, barometer and proximity sensor. It is resistant to dust, water and impact so that it can be used at construction sites, under water, etc.

When a switch located on the lower part of the main unit is operated, the phone operates for 60 minutes at a water depth of 5m. Also, it can be operated with gloved hands and wet fingers. Its expected retail price is about ¥90,000 (approx US$817).

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