The fully-remodeled "N-Box"
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Its interior
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The newly-developed NA engine
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Honda Motor Co Ltd announced Aug 31, 2017, that it has fully remodeled the "N-Box" tall wagon-type light car for the first time in five years and nine months (second generation) and will release it Sept 1, 2017.

This is the first time that Honda has equipped all the models of its light car with the "Honda Sensing" safe driving assistance system as a standard feature for improving preventive safety.

This time, in addition to the existing eight functions, the company added a (1) function to prevent erroneous start at the time of backing and (2) function to automatically switch between low and high beams in accordance with the surrounding conditions of the vehicle (Auto High Beam).

Also, Honda applied a newly-developed platform for light cars to the new N-Box and made changes to about 90% of its body components. As a result, the mass of the auto body was reduced by about 80kg.

As in the case of the first-generation N-Box, a naturally-aspirated (NA) engine and turbo engine are available as a power train of the new N-Box. Both of them are combined with a CVT (continuously variable transmission).

The NA engine is Honda's first light car NA engine that uses a VTEC (variable valve timing and life electronic control) mechanism on the suction side. Also, the turbo engine is the company's first light car turbo engine that is equipped with an electric waste gate. With the electric waste gate, it becomes possible to control supercharging pressure, contributing to the improvement of fuel efficiency and power performance.

In addition to the reduction of the body weight and the improvement of the engines, Honda increased the efficiency of the CVT to improve fuel efficiency without changing the maximum output and maximum torque. The fuel efficiency of the NA engine vehicle is 27.0km/L (approx 63.5mpg) under the JC08 test mode, which is 1.4km/L higher than that of the first-generation N-Box. Also, the fuel efficiency of the turbo engine vehicle increased by 1.8km/L to 25.6km/L.

The price (including tax) of the standard grade model of the new N-Box ranges from ¥1,385,640 (approx US$12,528) to 1,880,280. The price of the upper grade model, "N-Box Custom," ranges from ¥1,698,840 (approx US$15,360) to 2,080,080. Honda targets the new N-Box at child-raising mothers, etc and aims to sell 15,000 units per month. As of Aug 30, 2017, the company had received orders for 25,000 units.

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