Nikkei Technology Online Teardown Squad started to break down the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

First, we detached the display unit from the main unit (back case) by using the "iSclack," which we borrowed from iFixit, the US-based repair firm. The iSclack is a tool looking like tongs equipped with sucking discs.

We attached the discs to the front and back sides of the iPhone and squeezed its handle to make a space between the display unit and the main unit. Then, we inserted a paper knife into the space and moved it as if opening an oyster shell.

Display unit being detached by using the iSclack

iPhone 7 Plus becomes unrepairable

At this point, we realized that one of the iPhone 7 Plus's three flexible printed circuit (FPC) boards connecting the display and the main unit had been cut probably by the paper knife. The cut FPC board was the one connected to a side of the main unit.

In the case of the previous models of the iPhone, all of the FPC boards were connected to the upper part of the main unit. So, we carelessly moved the knife near the sides of the iPhone this time, making it unrepairable.

The iPhone 7 (left) and the iPhone 7 Plus (right). Part of the iPhone 7 Plus' FPCs was cut.