The shaker unit measures 36 x 21 x 41mm. Its minimum resonance frequency is 115 hertz.
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Onkyo Corp developed a shaker that can be attached directly to housing materials, the surfaces of home appliances, etc to play music and voices.

It has a potential of using the walls of a living room, the surfaces of home appliances, etc as speakers. Onkyo launched a business of providing the shaker as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

The shaker was developed by using Onkyo's voice/music playing technologies and is expected to be used in places where it is difficult to install speakers such as spaces where waterproofness or air tightness is required as well as on walls and ceilings in which speakers cannot be embedded due to scenery issues.

The shaker developed by Onkyo will be provided to home appliance makers and the housing industry in the aim of accelerating new businesses of developing devices supporting AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), etc.

Onkyo has been providing shakers for game consoles, musical instruments, etc. For example, Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co Ltd employed Onkyo's shaker for "Acoustic Board Speaker System," which plays the sound of an electronic piano by using a physically-vibrating acoustic board.

Because smart speakers featuring an AI-based speech recognition function such as Inc's "Amazon Echo" and Google Inc's "Google Home" are being widely used, the development of home appliances and cars using speech recognition is in progress. In view of this trend, Onkyo plans to release a smart speaker equipped with's "Alexa" in September 2017. With the new effort, Onkyo aims to expand the use of speech recognition AI beyond the category of speakers.

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